Just a few aphorisms I've been jotting down lately.



1: It has struck me lately, that my mind as it lays now; naturally has a contrasting viewpoint. Because it seems that from age; I am a nihilist. from experience; a pessimist. But by an underlying nature, that may even be partially hidden to me; I am jovial; I am jovial to the pessimistic nihilism which grasps me. I am, in many ways perhaps, the meaningless wanderer who cries with a smile.


2: It befell to me, that on a morning in December; I searched through the streets. And there came before me a man, shivering like a dying dog, with a face too old and aged; even for an elderly miser. And I spoke to the man "Why do you not seek shelter in this frozen hell? Can you not see the cold is deathly?" And the man spoke in reply "I am freezing myself, to ensure my mind I am still sane; for I wish to see my existence in full." I then said to him, with a voice of pure awe and confusion "May you not see your existence in comfort or in warmth?" And he then said with a grin "Dear sir, with your warm clothes covering your back, and music which clouds your ears; how do you even know your life is not the mist of night?"


3: I don't tell how the universe is supposed to work, nor go against it; I just laugh at it.


4: If there was to be a consensus on what is the greatest joke of all, I would say that life is the greatest joke of all, but it's also a joke that gets old very quickly.


5: They say that man is the noblest of all species, but he is by far the cruelest and most evil; for he can become more beast-like than the lion, or of the bear, or of the tiger.


6: It is common to hear, that the main goal of life is serving God; but whenever I hear this - I laugh with the chuckle of a jester; for knowing that they are wasting what little they hold.


7: Music is what calms us from knowing the pains of existence.


8: Sleep! That glorious action which makes us soothed, why do so many not even care for it or even consider it to be a burden? Embrace it!


9: It is usual and often, that for he who says they've found the "truth" of all and everything; are in fact the greatest of liars.


10: In the days of old, when the thought of the East came to the West; its nature was called upon by the men of power; who held with a grasp then untouched for centuries - as demonic and worthy of being "satanic". This, this is due to it being more mindful than that of the West there and then; and only in later decades did the common man see their errors.


11: On the day of the first atheist's birth, the priest's of Earth shuddered with fear; knowing of their eventual demise.


12: Pedophiles - otherwise known as the deluded yoke of the ultimate degeneracy.


13: Most great sages are, in their form and way; martyrs of the mind. For they are more often than not, ignored or said as mad whilst they live; but are hailed as a genius once there lies six-feet of dirt over their body.


14: When the commoner speaks of a demon,
He cries and shudders with fear,
Why is this, O soul of the crowd?

Does thou not see that the demon,
That demon you fear with your life,
Is but your guide to life?

This demon - this devil - this soul of foulness,
It is your guide to what is wrong,
And it has come to show your own.

And it wishes no ill intent,
It wishes not for a price,
And it wishes not for evil;
But to show an evil of life,
Yet unseen to your eyes.

So fear not, O man of the crowd;
Embrace thee, contend with thee,
For they will bring no harm,
But a lesson for life's merit.


15: Whenever the individual asks to me "What is Objectivism"? I reply with the same, un-changing answer; "It is the Americans way of becoming more selfish and greedy than they already are currently."


16: It may be said that throughout the history of faith, the Christian is by far the most hypocritical. For when they quote their third commandment "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" and speak for us to uphold it; they proceed with praying in-front of a cross thereafter.


17: Why try to end life? May we not savour the joke playing out before us?


18: If there is to be a sage for our times; the man once known as Alan Watts is he.


19: As he pushed the stone up a hill, Sisyphus asked to the gods "Even for my most horrendous act, why must you torture me with such an inane hell?" And the gods spoke thenceforth "You are doing the equal deed of man, but only you realize it; that is why the act is your own hell." 


20: In the act of war, the ideal of what is right no longer exists; for nothing right is ever done in war.


21: When Marx wrote that history repeats itself as a tragedy and then as a farce, he was implying also that even the farce would be a tragedy; but for one that deserves a grin.


22: One of man's greatest errors is to merely listen to one person, for it is a necessity to learn from many.


23: Under the moonlight's glow,
Under the shades which drape the window,
Under the blanket which warms the body,
There obtains the action of creation;
The creation of life anew.


As the stick which holds the key,
Enters the chamber of birth,
The race for life begins, as many fly
In see of the end, the end of the journey.


And when the end comes,
Life begins and all others die.
But when the moment happens,
There lies another happening,
For in the lair of Satan in Hell;
He laughs at the jokes thus made.


He laughs with a chuckle;
That echoes throughout the valleys,
And in the mountains and by the rivers,
It is heard everywhere by everything;
And yet, none laugh with him.


They roam in the land

Where the laughter is heard;

And they laugh not,
For they are the joke thus made.


24: The acting out of good deeds is not a task needed by a belief in God, it merely requires the sense of a rightful good.


25: If there be a demon among the major faiths, that God known as Yahweh is the most foul and evil of all.